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All Black - AB 23 - 34 cm
  • All Black - AB 23 - 34 cm

    SKU: 5420044200634

    Color : Black Color

    Body Safe : Yes

    Diameter : 5,5 cm

    Total Lenght : 34 cm

    Material :PVC


    This Dark Crystal dildo is a good size black dildo with a nice jerk, balls with structure and a extra bumpy shank. This toy is wonderful to spoil yourself or your partner. Lubricants based on both water and silicone can be used herein. It is important to clean the dildo thoroughly after use. For easier insertion and cleaning of the dildo we recommend the Kiotos lubricants and Toycleaner. Each toy is individually wrapped in a transparent plastic protective case.


    Non-phthalate - Cadmium and lead-free.

      Color: Black