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Calexotics - Admiral Advanced Beaded Probe
  • Calexotics - Admiral Advanced Beaded Probe

    SKU: 716770103871

    Experience ultimate pleasure with the Admiral Advanced Beaded Probe. This premium silicone probe features a smooth, seamless design for unparalleled stimulation. The beaded structure enhances pleasure with each glide, leaving you craving more. The firm yet flexible silicone ensures comfortable use, and the easy-pull handle allows for effortless control and retrieval. With a sturdy build for durability, explore without hesitation. Indulge in the pleasure and satisfaction of the Admiral Advanced Beaded Probe, as its smoothness, flexibility, and enticing design take your intimate moments to new heights. Unleash desires with this easy-to-use and versatile probe, offering effortless stimulation and unparalleled satisfaction.


    Product dimension: 12 cm x 3.75 cm

    Water resistance: Yes

    Material: Silicone

      Color: Blue