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Colt Travel Shower Shot

Colt Travel Shower Shot

If you stick with the moto that it's always better when it's clean then you won't go far wrong. If you need to clean in your intimate area's then you won't go far wrong with this hand travel shower shot from COLT. 

The Colt Travel Shower Shot Enema Kit is a travel enema that includes an enema bulb and two attachments for comfortable, pleasurable insertion.

The Colt Travel Shower Shot Enema includes a supple graduated attachment and a supple perfect curve attachment. The black enema bulb is made of soft, pliable silicone. It also comes with a water gasket ring, which makes it compatible with the Colt Shower Shot.

The nozzles that come with the Colt Travel Shower Shot Enema are large. The graduated nozzle is six inches long, with a 1.35 inch diameter at its widest point. The curved nozzle is 6.5 inches long with a 1.3 inch diameter. It is curved for prostate stimulation.

This body-safe, hygienically superior cleaning system can be filled with your favorite liquid for the best clean. It disassembles for easy cleaning.