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Fist Lube Powder - 100g

Fist Lube Powder - 100g

SKU: 0609613820014

Fist Lube powder is a white powder for making an extremely slippery water-based lubricant that is rubber-compatible, odourless and tasteless. Simply stir with water or other liquid, preferably with a mixer or shaker. Thanks to the powder shape, you can experiment with it until you find the right mix. We recommend that you start to stir it thick and gradually dilute it with liquid until the correct consistency is achieved. Always freshen up Fist Lube powder or keep it for max. 3 days in the fridge. It can also be easily filled and freezed in portions. If you have fun with slippery games, Fist Lube powder will surely please you. Depending on the consistency made, it pulls threads at every touch. It is also removable from clothing without stains. If it dries in, it becomes slippery again with the addition of water. Remember if you spill it, there is extreme risk of slipping. Tip: The molecular structure of the polymer disintegrates by adding standard food salt, making it easier to wash off again. Includes 100 g, makes 10 litres of Fist Lube.